Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for (but haven’t been able to find it), s/he (or yourself) has a distinct style, or it’s a special occasion, custom design and fabrication may be the answer. Annie welcomes special projects and custom designs to suit your needs. Depending on the nature of your project, a one-time consultation fee may apply.

If you have never bought custom made jewelry before then you’re in for a treat. The process of designing your ideal piece is a lot of fun. We meet to discuss what you have in mind, what your budget is and the materials you would like to use. Sometimes a client will bring in a sketch or a picture that designers can use as a starting point. Is it jewellery that will be worn everyday or for special occasions? At this stage, clients should take advantage of their jeweller's expertise. Jewellery designers also know whether a stone would be too heavy for an earring, or if it is too delicate to be used in a bracelet or necklace.

As the details begin to come together, Annie sketches a few design options within your budget and emails them to you for review. At this time, you point out what you like and don’t like, which may lead to another round of design and drawings. Please note that one round of design revisions in included in the process and if more than this is necessary, additional charges will apply. Once you have approved a design, a deposit of 50% is required at this time and the remaining 50% is due upon completion. Actual fabrication of your piece could take at least 3 weeks. And soon enough, you will be contacted when it's all ready.